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Introduction to the servo drive and servo motor

What is a servo motor? There are several types? What's the distinguishing feature work?

Answer: motor servo motor is also called the implementation, in the automatic control system, is used as actuators, converts the received electrical signal into angular displacement or velocity of motor shaft output. Divided into two major categories of dc and ac servo motor, its main characteristic is, when the signal voltage is zero no rotation, speed decreases with the increase of torque and uniform.


Ac servo motor and brushless dc servo motor, please what is the difference between on the function?

Answer: ac servo is better, because it is a sine wave control, torque ripple is small. Dc servo is trapezoidal wave. But dc servo is simpler and cheaper.

Permanent magnet ac servo motor since the 1980 s, with the integrated circuit, power electronic technology and the development of ac variable speed drive technology, permanent magnet ac servo drive technology has the prominent development, all countries well-known electrical manufacturers have launched their own ac servo motor and servo drive series products and constantly improve and update. Ac servo system has become the main direction of modern high-performance servo system, the original dc servo faced the crisis of elimination. After the 90 s, countries around the world have commercialization of ac servo system is controlled using digital sine wave motor servo drive. Ac servo drive unit in the field of drive development with each passing day. Compared to dc servo motor, permanent magnet ac servo motor main advantages are:

(1) no brush and commutator, so that the work is reliable, the maintenance and low maintenance requirements.

(2)  stator winding heat dissipation is more convenient.

(3) inertia small, easy to improve the rapidity of the system.

(4) adapted to high speed large torque working condition.

(5) with power under a relatively small volume and weight.


The following pictures are some of sevro connector surrounding the servo motor, we mainly produce the products.


Since the MANNESMANN Rexroth Indramat arm of company officially launched at the hannover 1978 trade fair MAC permanent magnet ac servo motor and drive system, this symbolized this new generation of ac servo technology has entered the stage of practical application. By the 1980 s, the company has a complete series of products. The whole servo device market turned to the ac system. Early simulation systems such as zero drift, anti-interference and reliability, accuracy and flexibility, as well as insufficient, is not fully meet the requirements of motion control, in recent years as the microprocessor, the application of new type digital signal processor (DSP), a digital control system, the control part can be completely by the software. 


So far, the electrical servo system of high performance is used mostly type permanent magnet synchronous ac servo motor, control drive more rapid and accurate positioning of the digital position servo system. Manufacturers such as Germany's Siemens, typical American Morgan cole and Japan panasonic, yaskawa company, etc.


Launched by Japan yaskawa motor manufacture small ac servo motors and drives, the D series is suitable for numerical control machine (the maximum speed of 1000 R/min, torque is 0.25 ~ 2.8 N.m), R series is suitable for the robot (the maximum speed of 3000 R/min, torque is 0.016 ~ 0.16 N.m). After introduced M, F, S, H, C, G six series. In the 1990 s has launched a new D series and R series. Driven by the old series of rectangular wave, 8051 single chip microcomputer control to the sine wave drive, 80 c, 154 CPU and gate array (fpga) chip control, torque fluctuation decreased from 24% to 24%, and the and improves reliability. In this way, only a few years time formed eight series (power range of 0.05 ~ 6 kw) is a complete system, to satisfy the working machinery, handling, welding robot and assembly robot, electronic parts, machinery, printing machine, high speed winding machine, winding machine and so on the different needs.


In machine tool numerical control device and method of the famous Japanese nook (Fanuc) company, in the 1980 s


Phase also launched S series (13) and L series specifications (5) of permanent magnet ac servo motor. L series


Have a smaller moment of inertia and mechanical time constant, this is suitable for fast response requirements of the position servo system.


Other Japanese manufacturers, such as: mitsubishi motors (HC - KFS, HC - MFS, HC - SFS, the HC - RFS and HC - it series), Toshiba machine series (SM), big Wei blacksmith (BL series), sanyo electric (BL series), standing stones motor (S), and many other manufacturers also entered the contention of permanent magnet ac servo system.


Germany Rexroth company or Rexroth Indramat division of MAC series ac servo motor with a total of seven frame # 92 specifications.


Germany's Siemens (Siemens) IFT5 series three-phase permanent-magnet ac servo motor divided into two categories: standard and short type, a total of eight stand no. 98 kinds of specifications. Allegedly the series ac servo motor with the same output torque of the dc servo motor IHU compared series, only the latter half of the weight, form a complete set of transistor PWM drive 6 sc61 series, the most available for six axis motor control.


German jewel (BOSCH) company in the production of ferrite permanent magnet SD series (17) and the SE series of rare earth permanent magnet (8) specifications and Servodyn SM series ac servo motor drive controller.


Gettys famous servo unit production companies in the United States was once a Division as Gould electronics company (Motion Control Division), production M600 series ac servo motor and servo A600 series


Drive. After the merger to AEG, restored the Gettys name, launched A700 fully digital ac servo system.


A - B (ALLEN - BRADLEY) companies in the United States to drive the division production type 1326 ferrite permanent magnet ac servo motor and 1391 type ac PWM servo controller. Motor including three stand number, a total of 30 specifications.


I.D. (Industrial Drives) is a famous American Industrial drive arm of cole (Kollmorgen) Morgan had production of BR - 210, BR - 310, three series, a total of 41 BR - 510 specifications of the brushless servo motor and BDS3 type servo Drives. Since 1989, launched a new series design of mixed Jian stolen deity (Goldline) permanent magnet ac servo motor, including B (small inertia), M (inertia) and EB (explosion-proof) three categories, there are 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 five stand, each categories has 42 specifications, are all made of ndfeb permanent magnet materials, range of 0.84 ~ 0.84 N.m torque, power range of 0.54 ~ 15.7 kW. Form a complete set of drives have BDS4 (simulation), BDS5 (digital model, including position control) and Smart Drive type (digital) three series, 55 a maximum continuous current. Goldline series represents a new level of modern permanent magnet ac servo technology.


Ireland originally Inland Kollmorgen abroad a division, is now incorporated into the AEG, to produce dc servo motor, dc torque motor and servo amplifier is known. Production BHT1100, 2200, 3300, three stand, a total of 17 kinds of specifications of the SmCo permanent magnet ac servo motor and eight kinds of controllers.


French Alsthom group in Paris Parvex factory LC series (long) and GC series (short)


Ac servo motor, a total of 14 specifications and production AXODYN series drives.


The former Soviet union for nc machine tool and robot servo control developed two series of ac servo motor. Including Д By series USES ferrite permanent magnet, with two stand, each frame, there are three core length, each have two winding data, a total of 12 specifications, continuous torque range is 7 ~ 35 n. m. 2 Д By series adopts rare earth permanent magnet, six stand # 17 specifications, torque range of 0.1 ~ 170 n. m, form a complete set of is 3 Д Б type controller.


In recent years, panasonic launched all fonts MINAS series ac servo system, the permanent magnet ac servo motor has MSMA series small inertia type, power from 0.03 ~ 5 kw, a total of 18 kinds of specifications; Type of moment of inertia are MDMA, MGMA, MFMA three series, power from 0.75 ~ 4.5 kW, a total of 23 kinds of specifications, MHMA series of motor power range from 0.5 to 5 kW, there are 7 kinds of specifications.


South Korea's samsung, in recent years, the development of full digital PM ac servo motor and drive systems, including FAGA series ac servo motor with CSM, CSMG, CSMZ, CSMD, CSMF, CSMS, CSMH, CSMN CSMX, a variety of models, from 15 w ~ 5 kw.


Powerrate now often USES a comprehensive index as the quality factor of the servo motor, contrast to measure all kinds of ac/dc servo motor and stepper motor dynamic response performance. Power continuous (nominal) rate according to the motor torque and rotor moment of inertia.


According to the calculation and analysis power rate, permanent magnet ac servo motor technical indicators I.D Goldline series in the United States is the best, Germany's Siemens IFT5 series.

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