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How to reduce the possibility of metal stamping parts damaged?

Metal molds in the industrial production, with a variety of presses and a special tool is mounted on the press, through the pressure metallic material to a desired shape of the part or article, such special tools are collectively referred to as metal molds.

    The hardware mold the life of the mold structure design, mold steel selection, heat treatment, surface treatment, machining grinding, wire cutting process, stamping equipment, stamping materials and processes, mold lubrication, and poor maintenance levels and many other factors. Various factors which cause mold failure, the mold structure is unfair, improper accounting for about 25% of the selection, improper heat treatment accounted for about 45%, the process subject accounts for about 10%; equipment subject slippery subject factors accounted for about 20%. Metal stamping parts to pay attention to installation and maintenance, to prevent rust erosion. Daily use light off light on, to prevent hard off hard to open, resulting in damage to the following for the first volume, how to prevent damage to the metal stamping parts:

    1, using the model of hardware accessories, specifications and functions should be consistent with the current national scale and delineated match with a selection of plastic doors and windows.

    2, more than 1 meter wide sliding sash or install double-glazed windows and doors, should set a two-wheel, or choose to move the pulley.

    Friction Stay Hinge shall not use aluminum alloy material, should be made ​​of stainless steel.

    4 fastening screws mounting hardware, must be equipped with metal liner, liner thickness should be at least greater than twice the distance of the fastener teeth. Not fasten the plastic profiles, nor use of non-metallic liner.

    5, hardware accessories gold final installation, door and window locks, handles and then assembled into the frame of the window doors, to ensure accurate, flexible switch.

    6, after the installation of metal stamping parts to pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust erosion. In daily use to light off light to open, to prevent hard off hard to open, causing damage. No noise, nylon round. It not only push and pull up and there is no noise, and smoother, lightweight, service life than these pulleys short normal to make the (door) window. Smooth running, it is necessary to give the (door ) window to choose a high-quality pulley. poor pulley from the surface, relatively rough work. smooth sliding inflexible, small and light.