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The UK terminals fundamentally strengthen the composition of the insulating

With corporate globalization, the need to design in global sales system, so system designers are increasingly frequent use of power production in other countries UK terminals products. Nominal value measurement method used in Europe, the device design is lower than the nominal value is a common practice in Europe. However, many designers are not familiar with this concept, if the understanding of the differences between the respective standard, and will be difficulties in the design process.
        Circuit board technology enables continuous improvement the the UK terminals installed in the panel can carry current upgrade has exceeded the 110A limit, far more than the level of the previous products, which makes what kind of power supply used in the design process in the end UK terminals to meet the system requirements for the issue becomes more complex. In addition, to measure performance parameters of the method in different regions are also different, even for the same products, the nominal parameters given there are considerable differences. Therefore, in order to obtain long-term reliability, and to ensure low cost, it is very important to understand these differences. Additional insulation is usually the second layer of protection in addition to the basic insulation, the essential difference is not the same as the position in which isolation of live parts, usually near live parts some basic insulation each. The only set so additional insulation and test requirements than the basic insulation is identified basic insulation is usually not good enough, need additional insulation to do the ultimate protection. Additional insulation requirements below reinforced insulation, because additional insulation withstand direct impact to less than reinforced insulation.
        Many cases, reinforced insulation equivalent to double insulation. Reinforced insulation can not be fully equivalent to double insulation, UK terminal block fundamental reason is to strengthen the composition of insulation, often a single layer of insulation systems, analysis done insulation systems people know that the performance of the insulation material, with the material to density, thickness, weight, and so closely related to the probability of a once insulation system to pass a hole, much higher than the probability of through holes of the two layers of insulation system superimposed together to form a through-hole. This reason can explain the provisions of 22.33: Class II structure, the liquid in contact with live parts, not in direct contact with reinforced insulation.
       Generally double sided minimum line spacing is set to 0.3mm, minimum line spacing is set to single-panel 0.5mm, pad, pad, pad with vias or through holes and vias, the minimum spacing is set to 0.5 mm can be avoided in the welding "bridging" phenomenon occurred during the operation, so most of the system MILL able to very easily meet production requirements and can yield very high control also reasonable wiring density and a more economical cost. The minimum line spacing is only suitable for the signal control circuit and the voltage is lower than 63V low-voltage circuit, when the voltage between lines is greater than the value generally follow 500V/1mm empirical value is taken line spacing. Another factor that is often ignored when selecting devices, the the termination technology products.