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Unicellular separating force detecting terminals

        The rich electronic do not think the the reliable terminals (connector), and there is no reliable system engineering. Failure and reliability are two aspects of a contradiction corresponding and interrelated. Terminals (connector) the reliability screening found various failure modes and failure mechanisms, leads to a lot of lessons and eliminate all kinds of hazards and provide a scientific basis for improving the design, process, test and use, it is also revised and the development of the terminal block an important basis of the technical conditions. Looking for measures to prevent failure by the failure becomes a reliable conversion, is the ultimate goal of failure analysis.
        UK wiring terminals are applied in order to facilitate the connection of the wires, it is actually a period piece of metal inside sealed in insulating plastic, both ends of the hole can be inserted wires, screws for fastening or release the two wires, such as, sometimes need to connect, and sometimes need to disconnect this terminal to connect them together, and you can disconnect at any time, without welding or entwined, very convenient. Wire and is suitable for a large number of Internet in the power industry, there is a special terminal block, terminal box, above all UK terminals, single layer, double layer, current, voltage, common off. Crimp area in order to ensure a reliable contact, and to ensure that the pass sufficient current. Unicellular separating force refers to the state of the mating contact member from rest to the movement of the separating force, used to characterize the pin and socket being contacted. The experimental results show that: the single-hole separation force is too small, when subject to vibration, shock loads may cause signal short interruptions. Contact reliability than the measured contact resistance measured single-hole separation force method to check. The examination revealed a single hole separation force jack-tolerance measure the contact resistance is often still qualified. To this end, the production plant in addition to research and development of a new generation of flexible mating contact reliable contacts, 100% of the point-by-point single for key model multi-point automatic insertion force testing machine Qi measured response to the finished product should not The hole separation force checks to prevent signal short break of due to individual jack relaxation, resulting in. Supu UK terminal after a series of strict inspection to ensure the safety of customers use.