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General principles of design of terminals

The terminal block is based electrically connected to one of the vitality, has a pivotal role in the electrical connection, the design of the terminals is one of the important factors that decide the quality of terminals, a brief introduction of some basic general principles to be considered in the design terminals under .
        1, product standards: terminal block belongs to the category of the connector, so to refer to the standard of IEC, UL, CSA, VDE, TU, GB and other international and domestic electrical connections in the design of the terminal block, but also with reference to a number of industry standards, such as JB , GJB. In China, the common terminal standards is GB14048.7 / 8.

        2, the choice of materials: the material properties directly affect the performance of the entire product, is the key to the design. Common PA66, for example, most manufacturers choose the most widely used plastic material. The material better meet the UL94 V-0 flammability rating, the Ningbo Supu as plastic parts, materials. CTI parameters of the design must meet the requirements directly affect the final product can be passed to the impact resistance of the voltage and resistance to aging test test. In accordance with UL requirements, it is possible to use not more than 25% of the material back with 75% new material together sufficiently stirred and mixed, in particular the products to withstand high current and high voltage, the use of regrind material should be lower or not adding a.

        Hardware materials, the conduction current and must be flexible parts, such as tablet terminals, the material is good or bad directly affect the the terminal electrical properties and connection performance directly affects the temperature, because the conductivity of the material l and the contact resistance, the greater the chemical element of the good or bad of elastic material, the elastic modulus, hardness, tensile strength, the material conductivity contact resistance smaller temperature rise is lower, the mating force and contact resistance into relationship of the quadratic curve.

        In electroplating, plating layer film also directly affect the life of the connector. Gold and silver plating, silver conductivity than gold must be high, but its chemical stability is no gold, caused by the layer of resistor much larger than the gold-plated, but the high cost of gold-plated, is recommended only using acidic environment or The more harsh application environment of the product before use gold plating, and gold-plated contact area of ​​the tablet with local, both to ensure that performance is improved, the cost of the product is also greatly reduced.

        3, the product structure: such as locking screws off, the stitching around the curved, long median deformation caused by uneven thickness shrunk deformation. Screw the anti-swaps currently as follows: three tendons anti swaps out anti-mouth the hoop off the neck of anti stamping anti-swaps, due to the technical process of neck anti swaps using few, and most of the neck anti-away the splicing product portfolio growth median deformation generated mainly is due to the structure caused by an irrational the two splicing Falcon in the back and forth up and down about the uneven, as shown in the design of the structure to consider its the stitching Falcon by force and deformation direction. Pluggable terminal insertion force have a relationship, materials, electroplating, structure and application industry is an important mechanical performance requirements of the connector industry. To smooth insertion force, contact resistance is smaller, to be able to meet a certain life span and fatigue, so higher on the the metal shrapnel materials requirements. High-performance terminals, the industry is highly elastic material imported phosphor bronze contour guide.

        Mold: terminals main surface plastic mold and Hardware Continuous mode-based mold design and manufacturing quality of the terminal parts. The Ningbo Supu addition to providing standard products, but also have a professional R & D team to provide customers with the ODM / OEM service, an effective solution to the customer's electrical connection products - terminals, connectors, and other personalized solutions.

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