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Connector used jargon

Connector: usually attached on a cable or device, for the transmission line system electrically connected to the separable components (other than the adapter).

2 RF connectors: used in the radio frequency range connector.

The video: frequency range between 3HZ ∽ 30MHZ radio waves.

RF: frequency range between 3,000 HZ ∽ 3000GHZ radio waves.

Frequency: the frequency range between 3MHZ ∽ 30MHZ radio waves.

6 coaxially: the conductor has a medium support, the structure can be used in the measurement in the frequency range to obtain the minimum internal reflection coefficient.

The 7. Triax: concentric conductor of the transmission line consisting of three layers having a common axis and mutually insulated.

8 Level: connector especially in the mechanical and electrical precision level of the reflection coefficient.

Universal connector (2): the widest allowable size deviation (tolerance) manufacturing, but still ensure minimum specified performance and with each other and a connector.

Note: the reflection coefficient of the request may require, or may not predetermined.

10 high-performance connector (1): according to the frequency change to specify the reflection coefficient of the limits of a connector, generally predetermined size tolerances better than the corresponding 2 strict connector, but need to ensure that the connector meets the reflection coefficient demand, the manufacturer has the responsibility to choose more stringent tolerances.

11. Standard test connector (0): precision manufacturing to a measurement of the reflection coefficient of 1 and 2 connectors specific type connector, the error due to the measurement results can be negligible.

Note: Standard Test connector is usually the part of the different types of adapter adapter with precision connector connected constitute a part of the test equipment.

12. Seal

12.1 sealed connectors: a connector that can satisfy a predetermined gas, moisture or liquid sealing requirements.

Seal: 12.2 of barrier to prevent the sealing of the interior of the housing of the connector along the axial direction with the gas, moisture or liquid into the.

12.3 the panel seal: prevent gas, moisture or liquid through the mounting hole into the seal between the fixed or the adapter housing panel.

Note: The seals are usually provided as a stand-alone product.
12.4 mating face seal: to prevent gas, moisture or liquid into a sealed mating connector at the interface.

12.5: gas seal meet IEC60068-2-17 Basic environmental testing procedures Part 2: Tests - Test Q: sealed in the sealing of the test Qk requirements.